Introductions                           Geoff Mulligan

    Agenda Bashing/Recursion                ALL
-> RFC 3979/3978

    Problem Statement                       Nandakishore Kushalnagar
    Interoperability w/External Networks    Prof. Kim
    Small Lowpan networks                   Michel Veillette

    SunLabs Introduction                    Roger Meike

    Neighbor Discovery                      Erik Nordmark

    Zigbee Format Compatibility             Geoff Mulligan

    Format Document                         Gabriel Montenegro

    Working Group Schedule                  ALL

    WG Rechartering                         ALL

    Security Model                          Gabriel Montenegro

    Protocol Scalability                    Prof. Kim

    Adhoc Routing Protocols                 Prof. Kim

    Service Discovery                       Prof. Kim

    Dinner and Farewells                    Hopefully ALL

Presentations from the meeting:

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