If AddressAssignment attempts to map topology in some form in order to increase RoutingScalability, TopologyChanges lead to changes in the IP addresses.

Traditionally, IP networks have used stable addresses. Issues such as renumbering and dynamic addresses have recently received more attention, but are not necessarily considered solved.

If IP addresses do change, the application protocols used with Lowpans need to be able to cope with the address changes. While the attendant application protocol traffic takes place, the parts of the Lowpan undergoing address reconfiguration are essentially inoperative from an application point of view. Optimistically assuming application traffic of 100 bytes per node being renumbered, LargeLowpans (10000 nodes) may need to transfer up to a megabyte of application reconfiguration traffic, multiplied by the fanout (the number of application associations per node). At 250 kbit/s (or even 20 kbit/s), this would take on the order of minutes.

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